Best Kodi Repositories 2019- Top Working Kodi Repos

Looking for the Best Kodi Repositories? If your answer is yes, then I am here to help you out. There is no doubt that Kodi Repositories or repo are one of the important parts of Kodi.

They are the containers for Addons, which are mainly apps for Kodi. As well as they include quite a lot of other features. And the best part is that these addons get automatically updated whenever there is a new version available. So you do not have to do it by yourself.

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And in this article, I am going to share the top 10 Best Kodi Repositories with you. Sounds cool?

So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:

Best Kodi Repositories (Top 10)

Kodi Bae

kodi bae repository

Kodi Bae is one of the top Kodi repositories that you can try out. The best part of this one is that it is a smaller repository in size. But it features quite a lot of popular addons available out there. However, the repository has a selected number of repositories. But the quantity of addons in this repository is not that large. But as long as it is about quality, they are great.

Some of the popular addons that Kodi base includes are the ReleaseBB, Toonmania2, 9Anime, Kiddo, Realizer, cCloud TV, Einthusan, and so on. Moreover, the repository also features quite a lot of Kodi addons in other categories such as program addons services, music, picture, and so on. Overall, if you like movies and Live TV, this is the perfect Kodi repository that you can check out.

Kodil Repository

kodil repository

Next, there is the Kodil Repository. It was known as Kodil Israel. Kodi is easily one of the best repositories that once can use. This repository has been available for a very long time. Even at a time, it was completely shuttled down. But it was brought back.

The best part of this repository is that it has hundreds of video addons, which includes some of the best ones. Some of the popular addons that you get to see are the DeathStar, Yify Movies HD, Now Music, Exodus, and so on.

Apart from the video addons, Kodil also offers you some of the quality addons from other categories such as program, subtitles, music, picture, and so on. And overall, it is a must-try out repository available out there.


lazy kodi repository

Repositories are the source of Kodi addons. However, over time, you will see different addons are going offline or shut down. This happens because of these addons gets temporarily down and permanently down. And you can no longer access your favorite addons.

However, the good part is that. There are quite a lot of sources that are available that put multiple repositories together. So you can use them. And one such repository is the LazyKodi. In short, you can say that Lazy Kodi is the collection of multiple Kodi repositories.


best kodi repository

Up next, I have the Supremacy. It is also one of the popular yet best Kodi repositories available out there. The best part of this repository is that it offers you a collection of healthy Kodi addons and builds which you install on your device. According to a source, the Kodi repository said to have 21 video addons.

And this list includes some of the popular addons like Yoda, The Magic Dragon, Supremacy Sports, Supremacy, and more. Also, there are quite a lot of program addons that you get to see. And the Supremacy Wizard is certainly the most widely used addons available out there.

This wizard offers you a decent collection of Kodi builds like Smokin, Supremacy Black. As well as you will find a bunch of the third party builds.

Maverick TV

maverick tv repository

I am pretty sure you have heard about the Maverick TV. As it is one of the most popular yet the best Kodi repositories available out there. Maverick is a very popular source that offers you dozens of quality addons, and Kodi builds. Also, this repository has been around for a very long time, and it is still offering great experience and service to the users.

As far as the video addons are concerned, the repository will allow you to install Gen-X, Now Music, Maverick TV, At the Flix, SportsDevil, The Magic Dragon, YouTube, and so on. And according to a source, it is said to have about 20 addons, and the list is continuously growing.

It also comes with the Maverick Wizard along with others in the program addons section. As well as you will be getting access to a wide range of utility and maintenance tools.

OneNation Repo

onenation kodi repository

Up next, I have the One Nation Repo. It has become a popular name among Kodi users. Thanks to the decent availability of some of the popular Kodi build. This offers you addons like Cobalt, Nebula, Blue Magic, Slamious, DoomzDay, and so on. Also, you will be able to install one Nation Portal Wizard and gain access to these Kodi builds.

On the other hand, the repository does not really shine. Instead, it comes with Deceit, which is one of the best multipurpose addons that you can use. The thing with Deceit is that it has a huge collection of shows, movies, series, live TV, sports and so on.

But apart from the Deceit, you will not find many options to choose from. Also, the repository comes with SportsDevil and YouTube. Also, there is not any availability of quite a lot of program addons besides the One Nation Portal wizard.

Diamond Wizard Repo

diamond kodi

Diamond Wizard Repo is also the best Kodi repository that you can try out. It has a wide range of addon categories to choose from, including video addons, program addons, music and picture addons, and so on.

The video addons also have a section that contains around 24 addons, which includes some of the popular names like TvTap, Live Net TV, A Pirate’s Life for Me, Movie Theater Butter, Golden Age, Vortex and so on.

When it comes to the program addons section, you are getting the Diamond Build Wizard, which is probably the most popular addon. The wizard also has a sizeable collection of Kodi builds for both 18.1 and 17.6. Also, it is pretty easy to get started with this Kodi repository.


android aba kodi repository

For my next pick, I have the AndroidABA. Although, it is technically not a Kodi repository but a source from where you can install almost all the Kodi repositories and a wide range of Kodi utility addons. Also, the source contains Maverick TV, Kodi bae, Kodil, and so many other Kodi repositories. Also, it is quite as same as the Lazy Kodi. But what makes it a different it has a huge availability of Kodi addons.

However, you cannot install repositories or certain addons from the original sources. Then you can try out AndroidABA. As there is a high chance that you will find what you are looking for.

tvaddons kodi repository

Next, there is the It is one of the oldest yet best Kodi repositories that you will find out there. The repository offers you a decent collection of addons from various categories. And these addons are available from sections like Program music and subtitles. In short, you will find quite a lot of options out there.

However, the addon was involved in legal trouble. And as a result, it was shut down. However, the addon came back, and from then to now, it is live and used by so many Kodi users. But it now only hosts the official addons. So, if you are looking for third-party streaming addons, this is not the right option for you.

AJs Repository

best kodi repository

In the end, there is the AJs Repository. Although, it is not the most popular Kodi repository available out there. But it offers you some of the best quality addons. The addon is said to have around 7 video addons and 1 program addon called AJs Wizard.

The wizard offers you a good number of fine Kodi builds. And the Kodi builds are available in 4 categories. This includes AJ Builds, Beckys Builds, Pauls Builds, and Community Builds. Also, you will find about 20 builds in total.

Also, the wizard comes with the Maintenance category. This lets you carry out some of the basics tasks such as deleting cache, packages, thumbnails, force closing Kodi and resetting Kodi to the default value.

However, the bottom line of the story is that it does not really contain a huge number of addons. But you will find addons like Cryptic, Eyasses, Champion Sports, Falcon Project and others.

Final Words

So those were the top 10 best Kodi repositories that you will find out there. Now it is your call to go ahead and check these repositories one by one and see which one is matching your needs. However, some of the repositories might be down because of the legal issues. So go ahead and have a look. Also, for any questions, do comment below. Keep visiting our blog for more great stuff.

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